Chiropractic Prenatal Massage Therapy’s Impact on Maternal Wellness

Pregnancy is a time of significant hormonal changes, weight gain, and the stress of new family dynamics. This added stress puts extra strain on the back, joints and muscles. Therapeutic prenatal massage helps improve posture, reduces back pain and discomfort, eases indigestion and nausea, stimulates circulation, relieves accumulated toxins responsible for pain, and enhances muscle and ligament elasticity during this crucial time.

Studies have shown that pregnant women who receive regular prenatal massages experience lower levels of cortisol (a hormone associated with stress), and a greater increase in serotonin (a natural mood elevater). These hormonal changes help to regulate the nervous system, which, in turn, promotes a more positive frame of mind. In addition, massage therapy has been shown to facilitate labor and delivery by helping the uterus become positioned properly in preparation for childbirth.

Our trained and experienced therapists understand the specific techniques that need to be applied during pregnancy in order to safely ease your symptoms, alleviate pressure on the uterus, and ease tension on the pelvic floor and spinal muscles. In addition, our therapists are able to monitor the progress of your pregnancy and make any necessary adjustments throughout your course of care to ensure your safety.

We also offer the Webster Technique, a specific and safe adjustment that can help align the pelvis, allowing your baby to move into a head down position, reducing the risk of a breeched or posterior birth and the associated complications. Our therapists are trained to perform this procedure safely in the second trimester of your pregnancy.

Many expectant mothers suffer from sciatic nerve pain, a common condition that develops in late pregnancy as the enlarged uterus pushes against the muscles of the pelvic floor and lower back. This pressure spreads to the muscles of the upper and lower legs, causing them to swell and put more pressure on the nerves. Massage therapy can relax these tight muscles, reduce swelling and inflammation, and reduce the pressure on the sciatic nerves.

In fact, research has shown that regular prenatal massage can significantly decrease the length of labor, and lessen the amount of medication required during delivery. Women who received massages at least once a week in their third trimester reported shorter labor, less pain and anxiety, and fewer complications.

Pregnancy massage is safe for most women with low-risk pregnancies. However, it is important to communicate with your doctor and midwife before beginning any form of treatment during your pregnancy. To learn more about how our specialized prenatal massage can benefit you and your growing baby, visit We look forward to helping you enjoy a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.